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For twenty-seven years, Alex Millway tried to prove that he mattered, without success. Family trauma obliterated his sense of self-worth. Searching for acceptance and purpose, he tried a variety of jobs, including joining the Australian Army, and later immersed himself in humanitarian work.


While working in the Republic of South Sudan, Millway and his team survived deadly ambushes with only his voice to defend them against scores of heavily armed rebels. Afterwards, he struggled with PTSD and compromised mental health. The Convoyer is his brutally honest account of the harrowing events that made him the man he is today.


The Convoyer is a raw example of how trauma can damage a person’s self-worth. Millway shares the lessons he learned from trauma recovery that not only saved his life but also led to his continued appreciation for the amazing beauty, excitement, and evil that this world has to offer.

SIGNED copy of THE CONVOYER - A traumatic journey towards self-worth

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